First steps

First time doing a sizable distance, and first time I managed to grab the camera in time.

Milestone reached at 9 months + 3 days.


17 weeks (my baby is an asshole)

My baby is an asshole.

I say that in the most loving way possible, trust me. 

But still.

An asshole. 

I’m still gagging and puking and extremely fatigued. This does not bode well for trying to manage a household and two jobs. Even I’m getting sick of the amount of times I have to call in sick, and I haven’t received a full two weeks pay since December. The bank account is hurting, yo.

One bright spot is that my contract is up at Wal*Mart at the end of the month, and I don’t even care. Yes, I’ll take a slight pay cut and probably a few less hours a week with turning the Tim Hortons job into full time, but at least I can manage one full time job. And you know what? I actually like the Tim Hortons job/overall atmosphere better. I just do. As long as they don’t give me the 3-11 shift exclusively.

 We need to move, and I’d like to move before I get too big to actually do anything. Originally we were toying with the idea of staying in our one bedroom apartment until the baby was about 6 months old and just put their crib in our room, but frankly, I’m done paying $4.25 per load of laundry and living in 713sq ft with two adults and two animals. I couldn’t even imagine trying to fit a baby in here too – yeah, we have a place for it to sleep, but then what?

We’ve started looking and I think we’ve found the place we want, if the landlord agrees to rent to us without doing a credit check. We’re going from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom townhouse. I’m way too excited about this.  I never really wanted to live here and have been wanting to move for ages. Please keep your fingers uber crossed for us that it all works out!

In other baby news, I haven’t felt any movement yet, but it’s still early, and I do have a LOT of belly padding that makes me think I won’t feel them until way later than usual. Also? Thanks to this lovely belly padding, I am not showing at ALL. I lost 9 pounds the first trimester, in fact, and from months 3-4 I’ve only gained 2.2 overall (however, I’m sure by July I’ll be here bitching about how much of a whale I’ve turned into, don’t you worry!)

I just scheduled our 20 week anatomy scan for March 22nd. So close and yet so very, very far away. I can’t wait to find out the sex. I’m hoping for a girl, Keith wants a boy. Between the two of us, we have it covered, I think. 

What’s going on with your lives, my dears? Any exciting news to share, or is the same old hum-drum?

aaand *thump*

At the end of September I received a letter from the student loan national centre saying because I had failed a course in the summer semester, I would be denied any further funding for a period of three years.

Let’s face it; if I leave my program now, and for three years, there is a high possibility I will never go back. There’s really only one option – funding the rest of my degree (and my living expenses) completely on my own dime. Cue panic. Originally I thought I had to come up with full Winter tuition – just under 2900$ – by the end of December. Thankfully, that’s not the case – I have until I go to re-register in late April/early May to pay the full amount (WHEW).

Thankfully I already have a full time job, so that takes care of my living expenses. I immediately started searching for a second part-time job to cover tuition, and received an offer of employment last Friday, the day before the wedding.

This past week was my first week working two jobs, although I wasn’t quite successful. It took until at least Thursday to feel even half decently rested from the craziness that was the week before and weekend. I fully understand why people take a honeymoon immediately after the wedding – its needed (it also didn’t help that Keith took the week off himself, so all I wanted to do was be home with him and snuggle a lot). I should have taken this week off regardless of the financial picture; I only managed to work 19 hours at my full time job (as opposed to the 38 hours I usually work) and 18.5 at my new job. This paycheque is gonna hurt.

This week? I work double shifts three days in a row, and again on Thursday and Sunday. I predict consuming A LOT of Monster in my future.

Have you ever worked two jobs? Any tips on how to survive? How did you pay for post-secondary?