I cannot believe Andrew is five months old already, and I haven’t been writing all of this down. He just changes so fast!

He’s been sitting up unassisted since just after Christmas, and has started slowly army crawling in the month since. He weighs about seventeen pounds – not sure on his length but he’s definitely a small, compact little guy. He grins and babbles and screeches (so loud. SO, so loud). He LOVES my phone and the remote and the kitty, although I won’t let him touch any of it just yet. We’re still co-sleeping, because he doesn’t sleep through the night yet – he wakes up every night around 3:30 and again anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30. He still takes three naps a day, although getting him to sleep is…well. When he started to roll over at three and a half months, he would wake himself up after twenty minutes, so it was the biggest lightbulb moment when I realized I could put him to sleep on his stomach (seriously. it took the better part of two weeks. two awful, oh-my-fuck-what-did-I-get-myself-into, weeks).

He does know his name, although not consistently, but he definitely knows who ‘Mama’ is. He spits out any sort of pacifier but loves to munch on his toes and fingers. He wears sleepers almost exclusively because I am lazy and because when I actually dress him he looks like such a little boy and then I feel like crying because really? where did my froggy little newborn go? He’s had two bad weeks of sort-of teething – nothing poking through yet, but he was utterly miserable and showing all the other signs of teething.

He’s very interested in anything we eat and grabs for whatever it is, but when offered/fed, spits it back out, so he’s not quite ready to try solids yet (which we will be doing Baby Led Weaning, because, again, I am lazy and the whole premise just makes sense to me. Everyone I’ve talked to in real life seems to think I’m crazy).

I’m pretty sure I missed something, but in any case, I’m so excited to see what months six, seven and eight bring us!


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